This is the email we sent to Mark and his team at Keffords after our removal experience with them: Dear Mark and team, Bill and I would like to thank you all for the seamless pack and uplift of our furniture. Moving is listed as one of the most stressful things someone can experience; and this pack and uplift was not a ‘normal’ move as there were many variables at play in getting it to Orange. However, you re-defined moving and it all became an experience that we actually enjoyed! We never felt any stress. This was simply because of the fact you made our move about people – you brought us a genuine care and dedication to making possible what was often not possible! We enjoyed the process because we enjoyed the interaction with you. All of you brought an enthusiasm which made the two days enjoyable – Jaiden, Margaret, Reece, Ollie, and David were all so calm and competent and upbeat and that was a foundation we could all work too. Mark, your impeccability and professionalism stand out from the 10+ moves we have had over 12 years. We would highly recommend you to anyone and would not only seek you out for your professional services but simply to cross paths and catch up again. You went beyond to make sure our needs were met, and offered a personal touch in a system with a Department of Ed which demands the necessary protocols to be followed. You mentioned on the phone you like to work with your team as a family – this was absolutely felt – you offer a true business in this regard, because it can only ever be about people. But somehow we live in a world that the majority forgets this – so it was a joy to see you reflect what the world needs to see. Take care all of you – all the very best for 2021 in all your ventures and we look forward to crossing paths again when the time comes. With much appreciation again to you all, and best wishes Gina, Bill and Zoe

Gina Dunlop
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