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    Why should you choose Keffords Removals?

    Keffords was established by R&J Kefford in 1988 in Mt Isa. In 2006 the Karaco Group re-established the Keffords brand and now has 4 depots in Queensland namely in Mt Isa, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.

    This brand has built up a well-earned reputation of service; forward planning and efficient teamwork right around the country and indeed the world.

      Flexible & Affordable
      Easy Tracking
      Outback & Remote Area Specialists
       Government Accredited

       Safe and Secure move
      Delivery on time
      Domestic & International moves



    Keffords Removals specialises in providing first class moving and ancillary services to people moving within Australia.

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    We can provide all Customs and Quarantine documentation and can advise you of any Immigration issues,International Insurance.

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    Keffords Removals specialises in providing first class moving and ancillary services to people moving within Australia.

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    On request, your possessions will be delivered to your new premises in the same unit as they were originally packed.

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    One month to go

    Notify friends and family of your new address
    Notify people and organisations such as your accountant, bank, doctor, dentist and your gas, electricity, telecommunications and insurance companies of your change of address
    Change your address for any clubs or subscriptions, obtain doctor and school records
    Organise goods for disposal or hold a garage sale
    Book Keffords Removalist and organise insurance
    Start a file on your move
    Check house, attic, under house, garden and sheds etc for goods to be taken
    Make travel arrangements, or if driving, ensure car is in top condition
    Organise postal redirection
    Contact electoral office and the council if you have any animals registered with them
    Create a moving pack where you keep any important documents and other items (such as necessary medicines) that are not to be packed

    Two weeks to go

    Finalise Keffords Removalist’ pickup date, complete paperwork
    Request packing cartons if required and start packing, label each carton with room and contents
    Arrange method of payment with Keffords Removals
    Arrange for pet shipment
    Confirm travel plans
    Collect loaned goods and return any borrowed items
    Collect dry cleaning
    Organise disconnection of services to house
    Organise connection of services to new home
    Ensure loose items on boats or trailers are packed away securely

    One week to go

    Dispose of old medicines and flammable items
    Pack cases
    Arrange for curtains, rods, shelves and TV antennas to be dismantled
    Arrange babysitter for moving day
    Arrange cleaner for new home, and the move-out day in your current home
    Transport car to new location, finalise arrangements
    If possible obtain street directory to new home location
    Cancel any deliveries
    Drain gas/petrol from various containers
    Remove batteries from devices

    Pre move day

    Empty and defrost fridge, dispose of food
    Leave out utensils and food for meals next day
    Finish packing, ensure valuables are with you and any travel documents.
    If Keffords Removals are packing your goods they will be there as well
    Leave forwarding details for landlord/new tenant
    Notify police/neighbours should house be vacant for longer term

    Moving day

    Be present to instruct Keffords Removals
    Collect house keys and store in safe place
    Check constantly that all has been packed
    Check and sign inventory
    Turn off lights, taps and lock house

    New Home

    Confirm delivery details, contact numbers with Keffords Removals
    Do walkthrough inspection of new home, especially if renting
    Be present when removalist unloading and placement of furniture is to happen
    Check for damage or missing items
    Check electricity and other services are connected. Ensure hot water and power are on

    The Karaco Group of Removal Companies

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