Quality Policy

Karaco P/L Trading as Keffords Removals, is supplier of efficient and reliable furniture removal and storage services to all our customers.

Market recognition that our service is among the leaders in the Removal Industry, especially reflecting the standards set by our own Australian Movers Group and the standard of the Australian Furniture Removers Association.

Ensuring that Customer’s needs are served with quality and efficiency.

Continual growth of quality, efficiency and economic viability, thus ensuring job opportunities and job security for employees.

It will always remain true, that our customers are the key determinant of quality. Their needs and expectations shall form the basis of our operating systems and goals. To help us achieve these objectives we have developed this manual in line with the quality service we seek to give our customers.

I seek commitment from all staff in the organisation, to our system, and welcome feedback from all staff and interested parties about our quality at all times.

Workplace health and safety policy

The management of Keffords Removals is totally committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working enviroment and regards Workplace Health and Safety as a primary requisite in every operation. It is a concern for all employees.

The safety of the general public, hiring companies and our own employees is paramount and is to be demonstrated at all times.

We do not expect or require employees to be involved in any activity that is unsafe or illegal. Each employee is responsible for working in a safe manner, following all safety rules and procedures, participating in training, identifying any health and safety issues and reporting these to management.

Regardless of the urgency of the situation, there is to be no compromise concerning safety.

Terry Homes
General Manager

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